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School of Shepherd (SoS)

      Himalayan Free Church has its own Bible School which was established in 1983. At that time, the center was at Kurseong (Darjeeling), which was operated there from 1983 to 1989. Then for some reason it could not continue at Kurseong.

Later, in 2003, with the joint efforts of the Himalayan Free Church and the Free Church of Finland, the school been shifted to Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri. From November 2003 till January 2004, a three-month Bible school been conducted successfully in Siliguri. Then from November 2005 to January 2006, another batch has successfully graduated.

        After construction of new building of Himalayan Free Church at Matigara (Siliguri), the Bible School been shifted there and also named as "School of Shepherd", which continues till date. The School of Shepherd operates Bible School in two sessions. The first one-month sessions take place from January to February. Especially this session is open to all interested and dedicated believers of the congregations. And the next session runs from September to November of each year for a three-month period. This session is divided into three semesters and runs for three consecutive years. Students who graduate after three years of study are given certificates from the seminary of the Free Church of Finland. This session is solely dedicated for upcoming leaders, evangelists, preachers and Bible Women of HFCI. 

Foundational Commitments of SoS

1. Seven core values – the Lordship of Christ, the Bible as the fully true Word of God, Prayer, Unreached People, the Local Church, Community, and Compassion. 

​2. Distinctively clear doctrinal and ethos statements.

3. Comprehensive, strategic training in all 66 books of the Bible integrated into instruction in the standard historical, theological, and practical disciplines critical to developing professional skills for 21st century ministry.

4. Experiential education that directly engages graduate students in mentored local church ministry throughout their degree programs, and provides cutting-edge ministry resource tools, community-based experiences that include on-site visits with regional ministry professionals.​

For further details regarding Enrollment in SoS click here (guidelines for SoS)


Pastor Himal Rai

Director, School of Shepherd (HFCI)

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