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Application Criteria 

All new applicants are requested to check the following mandatory submissions and other criteria before applying for Scholarship: 

  1. The HFCI-EFCDC Education Program solely based on free willing donors and sponsors from Finland. Therefore, successful submission of application may not guaranteed approval of Application.  

  2. Applicant(s) must need to be below standard X (Ten) while applying for fresh application. Application at Higher Secondary, Under Graduate and Post Graduate level may NOT be accepted. 

  3. Applicant's parents must need be permanent baptized member of Himalayan Free Church of India. 

  4. As listed on objectives and purpose, the education program primarily focused on Pastors'/Evangelists' or full time workers of Himalayan Free Church only. Hence, during approval and recommendation of application, priority will be given to Pastors' and lay leaders' children. 

  5. Agreed scholarship amount may vary on factors viz. sponsor's commitment, approved/allocated amount by HFCI & EFCDC, academic standard of applicant (sponsored student). 

Application Procedure

Documents that need to be submitted - 

  1. ​ Application Form (Incomplete Application Form will not be considered). You can download Application Form here

  2. Latest Full Length Photograph of Candidate (Preferably in School Uniform). 

  3. Previous Academic Session's Marks-Sheet/Marks Statement.

  4. Academic Expenditure Details (Copy of Money Receipts issued by competent School authority).

Kindly submit application form along with mandatory documents via Email- or send it through WhatsApp +91 - 9002182855 (Scholarship Coordinator). 

Scrutiny/Selection Method

  • step_1

    First round screening - document screening and Expenses Screening by Scholarship Coordinator. 

  • step_2

    Second round screening - Screening and Recommendation by Central Executive Board of HFCI. 

  • step_3

    Third round screening - Recommended applications may send to EFCDC via Scholarship Coordinator for final approval. 

  • step_4 

       Fourth round screening - EFCDC will approve final application keeping in view availability of committed                                 sponsors/donors. 

       Successful applicants will be notified directly. 

Important Notes
  • If any of the application documents or materials are found to contain false information, the application will be rejected.

  • If a successful candidate does not complete, dropout, detained or is expelled from their academic session, immediately scholarship will be stopped. 

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